The New York Virtual Volcano Observatory on Governors Island will recreate the experience of exploring a volcano within NYC. NYVVO seeks to make the experience of exploration accessible to a broad audience, to engage visitors of all ages in the excitement of geology, and to share the surprisingly important role NYC has played in volcano science. We are a collaboration between NYC-based scientists and artists, featuring real world and virtual interactions with volcanic geology.

Find us weekends, June-October, 2019
Nolan Park, House No. 4A
Governors Island, NYC

contact: nyvolcano@gmail.com


Hands-on Geology


Touch volcanic rock (lava from New Jersey!) and examine rock crystals under a microscope.

Sonic Experience


Listen to the sound of the volcano, through recordings of actual eruptions and the music it inspired.

Virtual Reality


Explore volcanoes from across the world and close to home through virtual reality interactions. (Image credit: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Brett Carr)